...same as the old Republican hypocrites: Andy Seré is a spokesperson for the National Republican Campaign Committee. Tearing a page from the playbook of Karl "Protect Traditional Divorce" Rove, Seré has been gay-baiting a Democratic candidate running for office in a red state. "The NRCC," writes John Aravosis at Americablog, "through Seré, has been especially focused on the fact that a Democratic House candidate apparently has a good body, or works out a lot." If having a good body and working out a lot makes a guy gay... then, gee, the gay-baiting Andy Seré could be gay too. Just look at these pictures that John found on Facebook of a party—"The GOB Freedom Festival"—that Andy Seré admits to having attended...


"Let me be clear," John wrote yesterday. "I'm not suggesting that the NRCC spokesman or any of his (international) male friends are gay. I'm simply admiring his soft boyish looks, his seeming obsession with homosexual innuendo and the male form, and his incredibly muscled, half-naked, Bel-Ami boy friends who like to get together for long hot weekends without the necessity of all that clothing covering their tight sweaty pecs."

Or any women, for that matter.

In response to John's post Andy Seré took a swipe at gay people adopting children and one of his friends said this in Seré's defense...

“Andy Seré gets more tail than anyone I know in DC. He’s short, he’s French and the girls love him.”

John fires back (and my analysis) after the jump!

[One] of his associates went on the record with a Nashville journalist about how much female "tail" Andy gets around town, suggesting that the seemingly (hopefully) unwed GOP spokesman is having pre-marital sex with an inordinate number of women while working for the Republican party, a party that claims to stand for family values and abstinence before marriage. (I corrected this paragraph to reflect the fact that the gender of the "tail" was never defined. And just because the women supposedly love him, doesn't mean his tail is female—women love gay men too, a lot. But for the purpose of the rest of the post, we'll just assume, arguendo, that the associate was talking about women, even though the quote sounds like quite a bit of overcompensating.)

In fact, Seré's cheap shot about gay adoption, and his overall gay-baiting, is based on one underlying truth about the GOP: they're very skittish and moralistic about sex outside of marriage, and about anything that has a whiff of not promoting family values. It would therefore seem rather hypocritical of the moralizing Republican party to hire an unmarried spokesman who "gets more tail than anyone I know in DC." (It's also rather un-Biblical to treat women as sexual "tail.") If the quote is true, this would make the NRCC's spokesman, and the NRCC itself, rather serious family values hypocrites....

And since the GOP has made clear that it believes condoms are not reliable, then this matter gets all the more serious. Putting aside the sin of knowingly having promiscuous sex when you "know" condoms are "unreliable," has anyone followed up with all of this "tail" to make sure that we're also not talking about having children out of wedlock, or worse, abortion? If condoms are as unreliable as the Republicans claim them to be, and the GOP spokesman supposedly "gets more tail than anyone I know in DC," then pregnancy is a very real danger of such reckless premarital promiscuity—in fact, that's the message the GOP is always putting out there, sleep around and you'll get pregnant, or worse, get STDs (or worse). The NRCC needs to come clean about the alleged sexual promiscuity of its own unmarried staff. It might also behoove the media to ask Seré his positions on abstinence, premarital sex, contraception, having children out of wedlock, and abortion.

Another case of "abstinence for thee, not for me." And I touch on "family values" types like Seré—sexually active single straight guys who claim to be conservative, family-values types—in this week's "Savage Love":

Let me see if I follow: If this woman were unmarried and unattached, DIS, your friend with the "traditional values" wouldn't have any problem fucking her? A point of order: When did premarital sex become a "traditional value"?

I don't care if your buddy fucks this woman or not. (He should; lots of rebounds turn into wonderful and lasting relationships.) I'm just curious how we got to the point where anything goes—premarital sex, oral and anal sodomy, multiple marriages (hey there, Karl Rove!)—for heterosexuals and nothing is a violation of "traditional values" so long as the fornicators are straight. An unmarried straight man with shit on his dick and three different women's pubes in his mouth can claim to have a "conservative sensibility and traditional values"—how'd that happen?

The only thing a straight dude like Seré—assuming that Seré is straight—has to do these days to qualify as a modern "family values conservative" is refrain from having sex that doesn't appeal to him (gay) with people he doesn't find attractive (men). If they set the bar any lower—for themselves—it would be underground.