Ever since Capcom announced Super Street Fighter IV (and the company's seeming return to the tradition of releasing incremental, hyper-lucrative updates instead of actual sequels) the 'net has been alternately raging at the gall of the publisher and blowing it metaphorical kisses for the announced additions.

This morning Gametrailers.com debuted the latest trailer for the update, which shows off a handful of new costumes, additional moves and a few moments of a fight between Chun-Li and newcomer Juri rendered in what appears to be Photoshop's "Colored Pencil" filter.

Capcom has already established that SSFIV is going to hit shelves as an actual retail box instead of downloadable content, and that it will sport a reduced price point (as compared to the $60 price tag of the original Street Fighter IV).

The fighting game diehards would buy this thing if it was found to cause ovarian cysts and weeping ocular sores in baby bunnies, but what about those of you who don't own signed Kizuna Encounter arcade boards ? Is "roughly eight" new characters, a new line of Ultra Combos, additional costume options and a number of game balance and online gameplay changes enough to convince you that Capcom isn't simply leering at your wallet, drooling and tenting its fingers deviously?