I thought we already had a whites only basketball team, and they were called the Utah Jazz. Zing!

A Georgia resident named Don "Moose" Lewis is attempting to start a "whites only" league in a dozen different Southern (shocking, right?) cities. Lewis believes that white players are getting the shaft "due to the proliferation of non-organized play." Would this league include 7-foot high rims for the "organized" players to dunk on? Will John Stockton-esque short-shorts be required as well? Will any of the teams take Steve Blake off the Blazers' hands?

Of course, the odds of this hateful league ever getting off the ground are next to impossible. But this story does lift the rock on a culture that was previously foreign to me—racist NBA fans. Who knew such people existed? It must be a real bummer to witness nightly highlights of "non-organized play" from a league full of minorities and international players. It almost makes me feel sorry for them. Well, almost.