Who Needs Campaign Finance Law? Not US! Supreme Court overturns major campaign finance limits, allowing firms and corporations to dump money freely into elections.

Building Homes for One Million: Aid workers in Haiti are trying to figure out what to do with the nation's newly homeless.

Fear the Russian Drunk Tank: Police beat to death an intoxicated journalist in jail.

123456: A new analysis reveals the most common and hackable passwords (in sixth place is "princess"?).

Guns and Jesus: Remember when ABC news revealed that a Michigan company is inscribing U.S. military weapons with secret Jesus codes? Well now New Zealand wants to scrape them off. Traitors.

Don't Even Feel Bad for Conan O'Brien gets $33 million from NBC.

Never Leave the Sofa Again! YouTube will start renting movies.

John Edwards was the Baby Daddy After All: Screwing the campaign videographer. Good one.

Cindy McCain Loves the Gays! She poses for new marriage equality campaign:


University of Portland Student Mourned by 600: The UP student was working on the fifth floor of a Haitian orphanage when the quake struck.

First the "TriMet Barber" now the "TriMet Strangler": Driver accused of assaulting a passenger.