GITMO Forever!: The Obama administrations decides to continue holding 50 detainees without trial. All those who are appalled, check out the ACLU's Close Gitmo website.

All Power to the Lobbyists! This week's Supreme Court ruling creates a "potent weapon for lobbyists", experts agree.

First Twitter Arrest! Brit arrested for tweeting that he wanted to blow an airport "sky high".

James Bond Drives a Camry: Because a new recall from Toyota shows the 2007-2010 edition is armed and dangerous.

Bling Beetle: Um, don't try to wear a live beetle as a brooch and then cross the US-Mexico border. People will think you're gross.


Not Having a Car Saves You $9,242 Annually: Says report from national public transit association. That's it, I'm bedazzling my bike with real diamonds.

Portland's Green Gardens: International sustainability people reach orgasm over Portland's plans for giant hanging gardens that will suck up stormwater.

Anti-Measure 66/67 Campaigners are Tracking Your Magazine Subscriptions: They're calling people who subscribe to Forbes and considering skipping the Mother Jones set.

City Reaches a Soccer Deal: What's this? Paulson made some concessions?