The British love Abba. From what I can tell, they never stopped loving Abba. They love Abba so much that Mamma Mia! beat out Titanic as the UK's highest grossing film ever. They love Abba so much that Matt Davis has a serpentine tattoo of an angelic Agnetha Fältskog wrapped round his right thigh.

Take a chance on penis chafing
  • Take a chance on penis chafing

Well Europe's favorite hitmakers finally have their own Graceland. ABBAWORLD, which opened in London today, features 25 rooms of mementos, costumes, the helicopter from Arrival, and enough spandex to swaddle every baby ever conceived to "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!"

"It started with, 'How do we give the visitor a big hug in each room?' said Magnus Danielsson, president of Touring Exhibitions, the company behind ABBAWORLD. "This is going to be more like going to Mamma Mia! than going to an exhibition. We want people to sing and dance."

Oh bjoy! I guess a big hug feels like a shopping mall display, cuz that's definitely the vibe these pictures of the exhibit give off. Those expecting a log fume or a nest made out of the groups' collected body hair are sure to be disappointed.