Mass Effect 2 is now in stores, and our review of the game should be online and on the streets by sometime late tomorrow afternoon. (The short version: Mass Effect 2 is fucking great.)

If you're anything like me—in which case I'd like to congratulate you on your handsomeness, popularity, and charm—you've been geekishly, giddily looking forward to ME2 ever since the first Mass Effect, but you're also too lazy busy to play through the first game all over again. Thankfully, IGN was kind enough to put together a "Mass Effect in Five Minutes" catch-up video to remind us of all the important stuff in Mass Effect's fantastic story. I will readily and shamefully admit that I had forgotten huge swaths of this, though I do remember that one blue chick making eyes at me whenever we were together.

Oh, Liara T'Soni. You and I really did have a very special connection.