I can’t tell if this is a desperate ploy or brilliant plan, but either way the small-food-and-foam emporium, H50, is trying to get your ass into their tasteful, if somewhat Z Gallery-ish, dining room.

The ploy? For a limited time, beginning February 2nd, H50 will give patrons who come into the restaurant on Tuesday nights a 50/50 shot at having their meal comped (sans drinks) by calling a coin toss.

Honestly, those are fantastic odds for a free meal. (Way better odds than that damn Meal Wheel at Holman's. Curse you, Meal Wheel!) Generally, in order to get such great odds you need to employ the rubber vomit, or fake some other sort of food-related medical situation. H50 is giving you a chance to stay honest AND possibly get a free meal.

But does it smack of desperation? What do you think, Blogtownies? Does this kind of thing have you lining up outside of H50 on a Tuesday night? If you win, will you tell me?