"Yes on Measures 66 & 67" pass with flying colors, or as Steve Novick put it, "the progressives win the pennant."

Blazer Greg Oden apologizes for yesterday's nudie photos. SAD!

Video courtesy blazersedge.com.

Obama to deliver state of the union address tonight; will admit to "missteps." (Misstep #1: Admitting missteps because Scott Brown won Massachusetts.)

Treasury secretary Timothy Geithner gets hammered by the House Oversight Committee regarding an alleged AIG coverup.

In the federal trial challenging California's homophobic same sex marriage ban, an expert admits that allowing gay marriage would produce better-adjusted kids, but would also weaken the institution of straight marriage. Ummm... WHAT?

Geez, a few sticky gas pedals, and everybody freaks out about Toyota?

The mythical Apple Tablet is supposed to be revealed today, check in with Engadget at 10 am for live coverage. But surely... you have something better to do, right?

Now here's what's happening in your neck of the woods: Partly cloudy today and tomorrow with rain returning Friday. So whoop it up!

And finally, HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, OCTOMOM OCTUPLETS! Here's a Jimmy Kimmel interview with all eight of them, which will certainly be the creepiest thing you see all day.