First things first, tonight at 7pm is our CANDIDATE OLYMPIAD, in association with the Bus Project. We'll be at Backspace on NW 5th, with Police Commissioner Dan Saltzman, and all 6 rivals for his seat—putting the candidates through a series of questions on transportation, the environment, and the police. See you there!

Now, the news:

O-ver and O-ut: What Victory On 66 and 67 Really Means—it's a rebuke to the right, corporate lobbyists, and of course, the Oregonian's editorial board.

Strip-o-Nomics! Sarah Mirk explores the economics of stripping.

Thinking Outside The Bike Box Mayor Adams spent $250,000 on new bike boxes for bike safety, but there's no proof they actually make people safer.

Major League Boner. As in, soccer. It's a bad idea.

Grass Roots, Or Astroturf? We finally get Senator Avel Gordly, leader of the second campaign to recall Mayor Sam Adams, to answer questions. Bizarrely, the second recall also announced yesterday that it has raised a paltry $18,000—although for some reason, they're still not sending us press releases. We'll have a follow-up on this story later, particularly, to find out if they can even afford to hire private signature gatherers, at this point. But in the mean time, here's video highlights from that interview, which took place at a noisy Starbucks on NE Fremont last Friday:

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