• photo: Jessica

Another week, another Mercury music section to flip through while you wait for the Who to perform at the Super Bowl. Since their set list is now public, does that mean they won't be playing anything off Endless Wire? What about something from Roger Daltrey's Rocks in the Head album?

Pay your dues to the mighty Pierced Arrows. Fred and Toody Cole prove that rock and roll can go on forever, and evidently you can run the Portland Marathon while smoking cigarettes. Who knew?

Pierced Arrows - "This Is The Day"

Portland and London share joint custody of the Cribs. We get them on weekends, while they spend the rest of their time in England. But don't worry, once we get out of the Bachelor Arms Apartment complex, we'll file for full custody. Don't want to brag, but we're a pretty big wheel down at the cracker factory.

The Cribs - "We Share The Same Skies"

The ALL CAPS skills of the Gaslamp Killer. Dude says m-f'er more than Rob Tyner and Richard Pryor, combined.

Gaslamp Killer - "Baiafro"

From the Land of the Rising Sun, the mysterious and iconic, DJ Krush comes through town.

DJ Krush - "Drum"

Get ready to fall for the soulful folk sounds of Mbilly. Also, any dad that dresses their kid in a Rasheed Wallace Blazers jersey is cool by me.

Mbilly - "Weight Of Gravity"

End Hits: That deaf, dumb and blind kid/Sure plays a mean football.