Yesterday I was over at Together Gallery (2916 NE Alberta St) and got a chance to peek around during the build-out for Arise People. The exhibit opens tonight from 6-11 pm, featuring the paintings of San Francisco's Nick "Doodles" Mann. After I left, Greg Pitters from Hungry Eyeball rolled through and took some photos. Here's a sample of what he snapped:

Mural-in-progess by Doodles
  • Hungry Eyeball
  • Mural-in-progess by Doodles

Additionally, the Together folks are launching the Project Gallery in their back room, which will serve as a smaller space for a second monthly show. To kick it off tonight, local painter Tripper Dungan will be filling the new space with Mental Staycation, a collection of recent paintings— and he'll also be performing a shadow puppet show!