It's Aliiiive! The economy grew faster than it had in six years this past quarter.

9/11 Trial May Move: Feds are considering not trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in NYC after all.

For the Children! Bill Gates' foundation will spend $10 billion more on vaccines, saving the lives of an estimated eight million children. That's right, Microsoft is good for children.

Tony Blair: I'm not a lapdog! Former British leader defends his buddy buddy relationship with George W. and his decision to go to war.

J.D. Salinger is Dead: He's mourned by thousands of phonies. (actual obit here)

Australian Porn Ban: Conservative Australians push to ban small breasts and female ejaculation on screen. Maybe there's nothing else to talk about in Australia?

Homeopathy Overdose: Some skeptics are planning to eat entire bottles of herbal homeopathic cures in an attempt to prove they're based on bunk science.

Speaking of Homeopathy... Closing arguments will begin in the Oregon couple's faith healing trial today.

Cell Phones = Doom! We've known for years that hands-free cell phones are just as dangerous for drivers as regular phones. But here's a study in the Oregonian about it.

Voting from Prison: Federal judges halt Washington's plan to expand voting for felons.