Oh, how I miss the 9 pm time slot of yore for our weekly Project Runway fix. Being out at the Tanker past 11 is starting to encroach on my mid-week beauty rest, but if Janeane's near-absence on the show is any indication we are safely scheduled up on Thursday nights for the foreseeable future. It's a good sign that the cameras barely rested on our homegirl at all yet again during last night's Project Runway episode, the only notable moment being during the stressful design/construction portion of the show, when she was smiling with glee at how well things were going for her—not the usual creased brows and wrung hands that characterize the workroom dramas. She's actually starting to have fun with it. Check out her blog from the episode. Nope, no complaints:

As noted in the video, this week was a team challenge, in which Tim Gunn took the campers to the Met to ogle some iconic designs from the Costume Institute's archives. They were given a whopping $500 and two whole days to try and make something that would begin to compare. Then, mid-way through they were sprung with a twist: For only $50, they would have to also make a fast-fashion version of one of the other teams' primary designs. The results of this were overwhelmingly blah, with most teams erring too far on the side of caution. Our buddy from Vancouver, Seth Aaron, and his teammate Anthony got their balls busted for both designs, my favorite insult of the night being Michael Kors' comment that their "signature" design looked like a "cotillion in the South from hell":


They were preserved, however Ping of the ass-hanging was not. I was kinda rooting for her, but I was okay with seeing her go. As of last night's episode she had begun to irritate me anyway. Chronically forgetting one's shoes is not a very compelling habit to have as your "thing" on a TV show. Over it. She may have had some interesting ideas, but her displays of incompetence in operating within the parameters of the competition could no longer be ignored. Her sourpuss teammate Jesse didn't help matters by pouting his way through the challenge. Fail:

Janeane, again, skated through without comment for these designs. Here's the $500 look:


And the $50:


To me this is more of the same quiet proficiency. Janeane's contributions have largely been wearable and well executed, but they haven't been particularly "wow," and I think she's going to have to start standing out a whole lot more if she's going to take home the crown. The winning look was controversial, but I completely see why the judges gave it props. It was the only one that struck out to make its own statement, without cowering in reverence in the shadow of the giants who were meant to get this thing started in the first place:

Stay tuned for next week, the previews of which—yet again—showed no Janeane in sight!