Heh heh! Youre short.
  • "Heh heh! You're short."

Goddamn, January is a lousy month for movies. February's looking a bit better, people, but not by much, so you might want to do some long-term planning on your Netflix queue. This weekend's options:

Edge of Darkness: Mel Gibson's back! He's gonna kill some motherfuckers! And stare solemnly into the middle distance.

When in Rome: I wish Veronica Mars was still on the air. I also wish Arrested Development was still on the air. Hey America, see what happens when you watch shitty TV shows instead of good TV shows? Good TV shows get canceled. And then the charming actresses and hilarious actors who starred in those good TV shows are forced to make terrible romantic comedies. Thanks, America.

I Am Virgin: "Vampires are supposed to fuck shit up, not just fuck," says Courtney. Unless, of course, you're a Twilight vampire, in which case you're supposed to just mope and sparkle while terrifyingly co-dependent chicks blink at you.

Other stuff going on: Reel Music 27 starts wrapping up at the Northwest Film Center, Burial Ground screens Saturday night at Cinema 21, Cort and Fatboy present Lost at the Bagdad, and—this is my personal pick for the week, if you care—Hayao Miyazaki's gorgeous Princess Mononoke returns to the big screen at the Laurelhurst. I made a promise to myself that this weekend, I'd pull myself away from Mass Effect 2 long enough to go see this in the theater, and I totally plan on keeping that promise, and shit, when I started writing it, I did not realize how incredibly nerdy this sentence was going to become. Anyway, the trailer for Mononoke is below; more cinema-centric stuff to do this weekend, as ever, can be found in our Film Shorts and Movie Times.