Obama whips out a $3.8 trillion (with a "T") budget proposal for 2011 with a focus on jobs and education.

Ten allegedly "well-meaning" Americans are detained in Haiti on charges of kidnapping earthquake kids.

Female suicide bomber kills 41, injures 106 in Baghdad.

Sticky Toyota gas pedal? Don't hold your breath waiting to get it fixed.

Portland riverboat "Willamette Queen" runs aground; no one injured. (I've been tellin' people for years them dad-blasted new-fangled sternwheelers ain't safe!)

Beyoncé rakes in six Grammys, inexplicably followed by the TERRIBLE Black Eyed Peas with three.

Man invents $7000 talking sex robot. Click here for the story and a photo that will forever be singed on the retinas of your eyes.

Now here's what's happening in your neck of the woods: Rain this afternoon, mostly cloudy all week, with possible showers on Wednesday.

And finally, here's what Lady Gaga wore to the Grammy's last night. Really dear, this incessant shyness is becoming tedious. Break out of your shell, why don't you?