The District Attorney has this afternoon released three documents related to the Campbell Shooting: The Grand Jury transcript, the 911 transcript, and the medical examiner's report in Campbell's death. News media are poring through them as I type, but if you want to download and read the documents for yourself you can go here, where I've archived them online.

At first glance the documents reveal the following.

•Campbell's relative was very concerned about him being suicidal. "He done already tried to kill hisself," she told the 9-11 dispatcher, but also asking for the police to "do a welfare check," not shoot him in the back. "I can also tell you just proceed with caution," she said. "Because he already wants the police to kill him..." "When she called me earlier she said he had put the gun to his head but the gun wouldn't fire. The four times he tried to shoot hisself and it wouldn't fire," reads the transcript.

•There doesn't appear to be any toxicology information in the autopsy.

•The Grand Jury transcript is 454 pages long.

More later.