Happy Anniversary, Stimulus!! Obama says you gave us the gift of recession, not depression.

Baptist Baby Snatchers Are Back! Eight of the accused Haiti orphan thieves were released back to the US. Meanwhile, 550,000 Haitians are still living in tents.

"Shadow Governors": Two top Taliban leaders arrested in Pakistan.

Malaysian Government Beats Women: Commit adultery in Malaysia? You'll get a caning.

Golden McTwist: Snowboarder Shaun White snags Olympic gold with a move that's actually called "The McTwist."

American Retirees: Will Work for Rent. Here is a scary phrase: "footloose army of willing retirees."

Avatar: The Book. James Cameron is writing it!

Harry Potter Ripped Off "Willy the Wizard"? Two pieces of terrible book news in one day!

Pro-Choice License Plates: Now available in Virginia, of all places.

Dancing Without Limbs: A really cool little story about a Benson High School junior who is a modern dancer despite being a quadruple amputee.

Benson High School student Kiera Brinkley dances at Westview High School

Umpqua Bank Repays Bailout Money: The feds helped the local bank out with $214 million.

Cop Who Shot Campbell Will Stay at Work: And more continuing coverage of the Aaron Campbell shooting controversy here on Blogtown.