This week I had the lucky chance to interview the national president of Planned Parenthood, the crushworthy Cecile Richards, who flew into town to celebrate the opening of our new regional Planned Parenthood headquarters.

Two very interesting things I learned during our interview:
1. Oregon has the highest per-capita rate reliance on Planned Parenthood of any state in this whole big, horny country. One in ten Oregon women use Planned Parenthood for their lady part's healthcare needs.

2. Planned Parenthood is developing an iPhone app! It's supposed to be done by this summer.

Only 300 words of the interview made it into the print version of the paper this week, so check out the full interview online. My favorite line from Richards: "Investing in family planning is the smartest investment the federal government can make. I think they should be dropping birth control out of airplanes and it should be free for every woman."

Also, reader DamosA has already commented on the story asking about PP's security—anti-abortion protesters plauged the building's construction and were present at its opening. The main entryway to the Planned Parenthood is far more open and accessible than its last NE clinic (which required climbing a set of stairs inside a building mostly occupied by Whole Foods). When I came out from the interview onto MLK Ave this past Monday, an old woman dressed in red wearing a bright red wig approached me with a baby doll and complained rather creepily that the clinic people "aren't very nice to you if you don't agree with them." She seemed more like a street person with mental health issues than an official protester, but if you want to avoid conflict, I'd recommend using the back door.

UPDATE: ha! Good comment from Sarahfina: "I'm glad it's more accessible. I hate having to climb down into some underground shame hole just to be responsible about procreation."