Rebranding Iraq: Obama has changed the name of Operation Iraqi Freedom to Operation New Dawn, which people are already making fun of for sounding like a Twilight novel.

IRS Plane Attacker Was "Easygoing Musician": Uh oh. There are a lot of those in Portland. Could they snap at any time?

Tiger Woods Says "Sorry": Then heads into sex addict rehab? Okay.

National Enquirer Could Win Pulitzer: The tabloid's name is back on the prestigious award list for its coverage of John Edwards.

Eviction Has Become Typical: In the lives of poor black women.

Suck it, Russia! US takes gold in Olympic male figure skating.

Renaming Condoms to Fit the Male Ego: The Kinsey Institute recommends renaming condom sizes in the Starbucks style—small is now "large" and medium is "extra-large."

This is What Iran's President Looks Like:

Olympia's Mayor Smokes Pot? No shit!

Dams a Comin' Down! Historic agreement could remove four dams on the Klamath.