And so it comes to an end. Last night Janeane Marie was sent home from Project Runway. Toward the beginning of the episode, they dropped a dead giveaway—whenever they have a tender moment with one of the designers talking about how homesick they are it's a big, obvious hint that they're about to have their homesickly wishes come true. So when Janeane was shown talking to her husband, and longing for "just one hug and kiss," you knew it was going to be over, especially coupled with her own lack of confidence toward what she was working on. But beyond even that, I can't say I'm surprised. Janeane hadn't really differentiated herself from the crowd in early episodes, and after coming under fire last week she needed to make the extra push to get out of the danger zone. Her outfits in last night's mother/daughter apparel challenge weren't bad bad, but it was too simple for the judges' taste, and there was the unfortunate matter of the Target-y looking jacket. But still, not terrible (and the leggings on the little girl are really cute!):


Click through to see what Janeane has to say about it, plus vote in a poll to decide the big question: WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT SETH AARON?

Ooooooh, dis! I tend to agree with her assessment of Seth Aaron's work, but as my colleague Dave Bow pointed out, "the judges cream themselves over that pop punk thing when it's tailored well." So true, Dave, and whether it's plaid with zippers or checkers with zippers, Seth Aaron is turning out exactly that. He won last night's challenge:


I'd be all over that top (the grown-up one) except that it's edged with—you guessed it—white zipper. And I ain't no hollaback girl, if you know what I mean. What to do about this Seth Aaron. . . Is he our new champion with Janeane out of the picture? Or is the line in the sand differentiating Portland from Vancouver meant to remain un-crossed? Shall we embrace this punky zipper-happy designer as our own adopted hero? Should we, in fact, holla back?


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