In an effort to metaphorically scream, "Hollywood gave Chachi his own reality show, so why not us?!" Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik have become the latest pseudo-celebrities to convince a Hollywood suit that filming the minutiae of their daily lives is a guaranteed ratings blockbuster.

From left to not left: Mike Krahulik, Jerry Holkins
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  • From left to not left: Mike Krahulik, Jerry Holkins

While those monikers may not mean much to you, perhaps you're more familiar with the noms de Internet used by the above two gentlemen in their wildly popular web comic. Jerry "Tycho Brahe" Holkins and Mike "Johnathan Gabriel" Krahulik are the two men behind Penny Arcade, and as a result are also the two men behind both the annual Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, and the ongoing Child's Play charity drive.

The Penny Arcade Expo (read: PAX) is the largest annual gaming convention aimed directly at the average gamer (instead of snooty asshole journalists like me, who are really only there to score free booze, munch fancy Hors d'oeuvres, and smooch booth babes) and is equal parts party, communal gaming experience and chance for gaming firms to pimp their wares directly to the people who are actually going to be forking over their hard-earned cash.

Child's Play on the other hand, is a charity drive which brings the joy of ridiculous loads of rad videogames to sick children around the country who could really use an electronic diversion to help ease the stress of Leukemia, organ failure or any number of other really heartbreaking, bullshit diseases that have absolutely no business setting up shop inside an adorable lil' kid.

As the header explained, the latest addition to the Penny Arcade multimedia empire is this reality show thing. GameTrailers is currently showing the first part of the pilot, so instead of forcing you to speculate on how much you'll love or hate the show, here's your chance to love or hate it for realsies!

Hit the jump for less talky, more clicky.

(Note: If you're at work, or your grandma's house while reading these words, you might wanna be a bit discrete about firing up the video. It's not like the entire thing is a montage of vaginas firing machineguns, but there are lots of swears. Goddamn lots of swears. Asswads of swears. Fucktons of swears. You've been warned, Admiral Cuntweasel.)

So what'd you think?

On the one hand, I love Holkins and Krahulik for hosting a yearly gaming convention that I actually enjoy attending. I'm forced to go for work, but it's never a chore, and I don't even have to be drunk or high out of my gourd to avoid getting in fistfights with Warren Spector*.

That's more than I can say for E3.

On the other hand, I haven't enjoyed reading their comic — or any gaming-centric web comic — in nearly a decade. Their humor just doesn't do it for me anymore, and so many of the gags seem either too obvious or simply lazy.

The third hand takes both of those points, smashes them together and comes up with a verdict: I can see the guys being successful with this amongst the gamer crowd, if only because they have such rabid fans and are keen-as-hell entrepreneurs, but like so many other things one would think I'd be into based on my interests and job as a professional video game besmircher (Angry Video Game Nerd, Zero Punctuation, Mega64), it just doesn't do a thing for me**.

How 'bout you, Your Highness?

* - That's a big fat lie. Warren Spector is not only one of my own personal deities for the work he put into Deus Ex, but he's also an incredibly nice guy with an incredibly nice beard who I've had drinks and fancy food with at a number of gaming conventions. In the pantheon of legendary game developers I'd like to throw down on, Spector is roughly on par with Will Wright and Richard Garriott for the likelihood that I'd ever take a swing at them. Wright is far too nice and intelligent to ever deserve a punch to the snout (courtesy of my two pals Thunder and Lightning), and if I got in a fight with Garriott, the man would likely jam a rocket up my ass before caving in my skull with a morning star.

** - I must give the boys their duly earned propers for neither being shellacked with faux tan or adding extraneous plural sounds to words like "you" and "how." Even so, I think this reality show could benefit greatly from at least one Snooki or two The Situations to be named later.