Jason Grahams The Ghosts of What Should Have Been
  • Hungry Eyeball
  • Jason Graham's "The Ghosts of What Should Have Been"

About a year ago Greg Pitters noticed that his preferred genre of art— what could be lumped under "low-brow"— was thriving locally, though wasn't getting much hometown press or promotion. In May of 2009, responding to the situation, he started Hungry Eyeball, a website designed to promote overlooked local folk, urban, post-graff, and design-centric artists. Where other local art blogs like Port, Culturephile, and OPENWIDEpdx tend to focus solely on contemporary and conceptual exhibitions, Hungry Eyeball took on the critically cold-shouldered low-brow.

Hungry Eyeball started simply: Artists and curators were invited to submit to the website's centrally featured listings, while Pitters vetted content. Since, the site has grown, now selling prints and originals and attracting a national customer base. In this move from blog to physical things, Pitters started curating pop-up shows around town, the inaugural of which, One, is currently on view at Lyrik (2035 SE 39th Ave).

Works by Eatcho, Jason Graham, and Klutch populate One. Graham's "The Ghosts of What Should Have Been" takes the illustrator's signature body-composed-of-repeated-leaf-patterns motif and introduces a newer figurative style, where people are represented by dotted outlines— his characters climb over one another in a pile, overlapping at varying opacities. Amongst several older works, Eatcho presented a new series titled "Mr. Crabby Pants," abandoning color for black and white depictions of eyeless, grotesque faces. Klutch stuck to his classic brand of abstract design patterns.

While One is Hungry Eyeball's first pop-up, it won't be the last. Pitters tells me that he'll be curating multiple shows in 2010, and details will be posted on the blog, along with interviews of his featured artists. Also, don't forget Hungry Eyeball's Flickr stream.

More images from One posted after the jump.

Eatchos Mr. Crabby Pants #2
  • Hungry Eyeball
  • Eatcho's "Mr. Crabby Pants #2"

Eatchos Sirius
  • Hungry Eyeball
  • Eatcho's "Sirius"

Klutchs Inversion
  • Hungry Eyeball
  • Klutch's "Inversion"

You can view and purchase works from the show here.