Beau Breedlove is back in town, and he's on KUFO at 8:10 this morning. Loathe as I am to give the young man any more attention, well, I kinda can't resist hearing about "his feelings" on the Aaron Campbell shooting. From his blog:

Hey friends! If you’re available, tune in to Portland station 101.1fm, KUFO Monday morning for my interview with the KIDD Show.

I’ll be discussing the book, my feelings about the Adams Recall effort, and my feelings about the Aaron Campbell shooting. In addition, we will chat about my future plans, and other items.

Hope to have your listening ears!

WTF. Listen to the show, and Tweet your responses with the hashtag #beaublove. Either way you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be Tweeting mine...

Update, 8:32: Breedlove has so far said two "shits" and a "fuck" on the air. "I had a Rock Star," he said. "What, Tommy Lee?" asked the DJ. Ah, offensive. So, if you fancy complaining to the FCC about the language, you should go here. Thanks to @nerdliness for the link. Please let us know when you've lodged your complaint. Here's mine:

Also, why on earth would they ask Breedlove if the cop who shot Campbell was "handsome?"