Facebook is not the only group that's promising to bring jobs to Eastern Oregon.

Grant County's Blue Mountain Eagle broke the news last week that the Aryan Nations are hoping to establish a new world headquarters here in Oregon. In a John Day opera house, specifically. But! They're promising to bring the area an economic boost. And, no surprise, they sound like assholes. From the Eagle:

Mullet said the group was drawn to the remoteness of Grant County, the relatively low cost of property and "the proximity to the mountains" for survival training.

They were particularly interested in two properties, the old junior high building on Bridge Street and the vacant church or opera house building on Dayton Street... While staying at a local motel, they opened the door to their room to clearly display Nazi-style banners as two employees - a black and a Hispanic - went about their work. Motel officials said people in two other rooms vacated before their stay was up because of concerns about the white supremacist group.

Mullet's group said they don't expect any conflict with people in Grant County. "This is a good fit with the values here," he said. They said members would do community service projects and patrol the streets, making it safer for the residents who live here. They also contended their group would bring money to the economy by drawing more supporters to visit and live here.

The current Aryan Nations world headquarters are in Idaho, which they "made safer for the residents" by attacking a mother and child, who then sued the Aryans' asses for $6.3 million.

Reader Dawn, who is from John Day but lives in Portland, writes in:

While the people in the area seem like they would be your stereotypical, loudmouth, rebel-flag flying racist rednecks, they actually aren't. Rebel flags aside, you'd be hard pressed to find a community that is so warm and welcoming to absolutely everyone, until now.

A hastily-formed Facebook group against the Aryan Nation's arrival already has 1,600 members.