GUESS WHAT, YA'LL? I was at a late screening last night of Kevin Smith's new movie Cop Out, which I then had to rush home and review for the issue hitting the streets today... SO I HAVEN'T SEEN LAST NIGHT'S EP OF LOST YET!
That means no spoilery discussion starters after the jump—which may be just as well, since all they seem to do is further expose my ignorance. HOWEVER! Please get started without me, and I'll jump in as soon as possible!
HOLD ON. I just figured out some discussion starters, which I'll post after the jump. I'M BACK IN THE GAME, YO!


1) How would you categorize last night's episode: GOOD, HORRIBLE, or MEHS-VILLE?
2) What was the biggest reveal from last night's episode in your opinion?
3) Likewise what was the biggest reveal that made you groan and say "LAAAAME!"
4) Soooo… did Kate whip her shirt off?
5) Is there any character left on the island that you'd like to boink?
6) Share your latest theory for what the fuck this all means! (Here's mine: An alien race of four-toed giants came to earth in hopes of seeing Kate whip her shirt off. After being repeatedly disappointed, they decided to fuck shit up with polar bears and "smoke monsters"—which in fact are just bad cases of intestinal gas. See? I told you I'd be successful in exposing my ignorance.)