I'm in Juvenile Court at NE 68th and Halsey for the resumption of the trial of the girl involved in Officer Chris Humphreys' use of a beanbag shotgun last November.

The girl, whom the Mercury is not naming because of her age, is on medication to assist with anxiety, anger and aggressive behavior, according to her mother, who testified this morning. The girl has also been seeing a psychiatrist since 2007, said her mother.

"I think the main triggers are when she was 7 she was sexually raped and molested," said her mother this morning. "Then there was the separation of her father and I when she was 3, and she was taken away from home and put in foster homes back in 2006."

As a result, the girl doesn't like to be touched, her mother said. Her attorney asked her mother how she responds to physical direction.

"So, if I'm trying to touch her and help her, she doesn't like to be touched, and so she may be aggressive," said her mother. "And I have experienced the aggressiveness on several different occasions, and sometimes she may comply."

The girl's mother talked to Officer Aaron Dauchy on the phone on the night of the incident, and told him that she had a history of being aggressive, and "that in the past when she feels she has been violated, she responds to that." "With [name redacted], I don't touch her when I want her to do something," said her mother.

The girl also allegedly struck a Fred Meyer security guard in the face on October 29, her mother confirmed.

The girl is claiming self defense in the case, but District Attorney Michael Reidel has relied on a recent supreme court opinion to suggest that the claim of self defense doesn't apply here. Updates shortly.