All right... QUIET DOWN YOU GUYS! It's time for this week's Lost Discussion Group to come to order. First order of business: SHOULD WE DISBAND THE LOST DISCUSSION GROUP? As our extraordinarily brilliant commenter Fatboy Roberts noted in last week's discussion:

I'm curious - the Lost screenings at the Bagdad are showing diminishing attendance.... Is the shrinking attendance a result of the show's quality so far, the night it's on, our presence as annoying personalities jumping up and talking before the show starts, or a rough combination of all three?

Since Fatboy and Cort are more beloved than a basket of sneezing kittens, I would guess it's either option one or two. HOWEVER! What do you think? Is Lost simply a lost cause? (Heh. Ugh.) I will say this, while last night's episode was once again lackluster, Sayid did something that was unintentionally AWESOME, which I'll discuss after the jump, along with a few more talking points. Are you ready to discuss LOST? For perhaps the last time? LET'S DO IT TO IT!


1) Is Lost now too stupid and boring to even bother discussing anymore?
2) Did you not LOVE IT when Sayid murdered the shit out of that useless temple dick and his goon? I'm pretty sure the writers intended this to be a kind of a sad, disturbing moment, but I CHEERED when those guys got offed!
3) I'm also kind of digging the new evil triad of Locke, Sayid and Claire! (Especially when seeing Kate's "Oh shit. Now what?" face.)
4) Agree or disagree: Alternate reality Sayid is kind of a bore—even when he killed that guy who's a cross between Vince Vaughn and Christopher Walken.
5) And as always: Got any new theories on how all this is gonna pan out, or ARE YOU JUST TOO BORED/FRUSTRATED TO CARE?