Iraq Attack: An election opens today in Iraq with a string of bombings.

We Need a Vote! Says Obama, on healthcare.

Republican! Gay Club! DUI! This is the kind of story I love.

Bad Luck Comes in Threes: Today's earthquake victim? Taiwan.

Wolf Parade: Sources say Sarah Palin is planning a documentary reality show about the natural wonders of her home state.

ACORN Gets Off: A judge rules that the ACORN staffers discussing prostitution loopholes did not commit a crime.

Boozer Loser: A new study shows binge drinking PSAs don't curb binge drinking.

Beware Fake Weed! Fake pot called "K2" is causing hallucinations, vomiting and totally bad trips.

wacky weed!
  • wacky weed!

Heartless! Thieves steal $350,000 worth of toys from a Portland toy store owner.

Dumbing Down: Oregon 11th graders will now take 10th grade tests.

2 Billion Blumen' Dollars: Rep. Earl Blumenauer has an idea to get $2 billion for bikes and pedestrians.