OMG this is the best day Democrats have had since November 4th, 2008. First, anti-gay Republican legislator Roy Ashburn is arrested on a DUI after allegedly leaving a gay club and NOW Politico has gotten ahold of a leaked Republican fundraising strategy that basically confirms all our cynical jokes about what the leaders for of the RNC must be thinking.

Here are some highlights of the 72-page Powerpoint (pdf) Politico says it got from a Democrat who found a discarded copy at a posh Republican retreat.

Politico notes: "Manipulating donors with crude caricatures and playing on their fears is hardly unique to Republicans or to the RNC — Democrats raised millions off George W. Bush in similar terms — but rarely is it practiced in such cartoonish terms."

"The Republican National Committee thinks its funders are so stupid that they can soak them the basis of “fear,” “socialism,” and tchotchkes," says the Daily Beast.

My main concern: Republicans can raise millions of dollars but they can't hire a goddamn graphic designer? What is this country coming to? More images from the memo below the cut.