Nothing of local relevance happened on last night's episode of Project Runway. Okay, so Portland's redheaded stepchild of a contestant, Seth Aaron (Remember? We voted on this.), participated in this week's challenge, a classic PR scenario in which the designers had to literally build their looks from materials at a hardware store. And the challenged was commissioned by a major American fashion designer who Lifetime was just coincidentally able to get for really, really cheap: Project Runway judge/cast member Michael Kors. Quelle surprise. Seth Aaron squeaked through with little notice, but he did have this to say:

See, even he didn't mention his own look for this challenge. Emilio's standard-bearing trainwreck pretty much stole the show, but he did have a really good attitude about it... More on which contestant was HELLA PISSED (and kinda rightly so) about being kicked off instead, plus a look at Seth's submission, after the break.

Seth's look:


Poor Jesse. He's has a crap-tastic attitude but his designs probably didn't deserve that insult. Honestly, even Tim was surprised. Here's Jesse's losing attire:


I don't think it's that bad! But the judges compared it to both the Tin Man and a "dirty vacuum bag" (pretty sure in between takes someone had to do a Google image search of "dirty vacuum bag" for Heidi's benefit). It was a pretty shocking decision for people who are always going on and on and on about "taste." I mean, look again:


Anyway. As for the winner, Jay taking the prize was a reassurance that our beloved judges hadn't over-thought themselves into insanity:


I kind of like this new rooting for Seth Aaron thing. If he does well, we can take vicarious credit for it, and if he doesn't we can return to our usual Portland/Vancouver separatist ways. So stay tuned for next week's episode and wrap-up, and if you don't have a TV, come on down to the Tanker.