Hi Will! Hi Liane! ...It's GMN Weekend Edition, just in time for you to read on your mobile device as you look under the bed for your warm-weather leggings and squabble with your S.O. about where to get brunch. Ah, Sundays. Now to the downers:

Polls close in the Iraqi election, after explosions in protest leave nearly 40 dead and 90 wounded.

The Prime Minister of debt-ridden Greece was in Berlin... but not asking for handouts, apparently.

Speaking of taking Germany's money, the bandits who stole the jackpot from a Berlin poker tournament are still on the run.

The guy who opened fire at the Pentagon on Thursday, injuring two cops, has died.

Despite the inevitable comparisons to Haiti, Chileans are saying they're unhappy with their government's earthquake response.

Chinese iPhones may finally get WiFi, after continued resistance from Big Brother (I tried writing "Big Brother" in Chinese, but it didn't work. And I don't know Chinese).

Meanwhile Steve Jobs says the iPad won't tether with the iPhone. If you don't know what tethering is, consider yourself blessed.

No worries, you'll still be able to watch asinine YouTube videos on Blogtown, even if you lose your hearing. Thanks again, Google!

...and don't forget to to watch THE OSCARS tonight at 5 pm!