Classic. They're running in two districts, one in Portland, one in Eugene, confirms Bob Tiernan, chairman of the Oregon Republican Party. Here's what they say, according to one astute reader who transcribed his message:

This is Bob Tiernan, Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party, and we need your help! Have you ever wanted to run for office and help Republicans in our state take back our state government? Well, now is the time. Tomorrow is the filing deadline to become a member of our legislature and we have yet to find a good candidate to run in your district. Are you interested? Are you ready to make a difference? If you are, please call us by 12 noon tomorrow, that's 12 noon March 9.

Call the Oregon Republican Party at 503-595-[redacted] and ask for Polly, or you can call me directly, Bob Tiernan, at 503-860-[redacted] Hey, if Scott Brown can win the Kennedy seat, anything can happen this election. Call us!

It's a bit desperate, isn't it, Bob?

"No, not at all," Tiernan responds. "When you're down to looking for people who have interest, it doesn't make a difference how you guage interest. We had one candidate drop out with short notice, so we're short on time and we don't have time to go knocking on doors."