In the comments on Steve's post about Courtney's kindness-squirt, commenter Two Squatting Women writes: "There has to be a better way to describe Courtney's act of kindness better than 'a squirt of her milk.' Is this the kind of blatant sexual innuendo you people are exposed to every day?"

Ahh, I've been waiting for this one. A little context after the jump.

Here's the view from my desk, into Steve's office, when his door is open:


Here's the closed door:


And someone wrote this on the Hotel for Dogs calendar that's hanging in our bathroom:

  • Sometimes I fantasize about being tied up. That might be fun." "One time I clipped a clothes pin to my nipple. It was not unpleasurable." "If someone were to offer me a sharp, but controlled slap on the buttocks? I'm not sure I would refuse."

So to answer your question... Yes. Yes it is.