Jonathan Maus of is back in DC for a bike summit and was one of the first to hear the most exciting bike nerd/computer nerd news I've heard in a while: Google maps now has bike directions!

You can choose your transportation mode on Google maps, but until late last night you were limited to opting for walking or a car. Now you can choose biking! has the rundown on Google's work over the past few months uploading nationwide bike map info. Portland's version works pretty well. It marks out official bike streets (Though the maps are still in beta. A couple, like SW Oak, are missing.) and, I'm embarrassed to say, figured out a less-hilly way for me to bike home than I had found myself. Damn you omniscient Google!

Just like with car travel, Google bike maps estimates the time it'll take you to get somewhere. It says I can bike from Mary's Club in Portland to Lusty Lady in Seattle in only 17 hours and one minute.

Happy Trails!
  • Happy Trails!