Hello, and welcome to another smart-assy, action-packed edition of the LOST Discussion Group, where we bitch, moan, theorize and make cruel cutting remarks about the final season of LOST! Last night's episode centered all around Ben "I Never Blink" Linus, and as always I'll start the discussion with some spoiler-y topic starters after the jump! SEE YOU THERE!


Blink, goddamn you! BLINK!!

1) Sooo... do you like the character of Ben Linus more or less after this episode?
2) I think I'm gonna start referring to the "alternate reality" as "Wussy World"—because everything that happens there is 50% more "wussy" than on the island.
3) Jesus Christ... Ben's daughter/student is smokin' hot!
4) Wait... what was up with Ben's daughter not being his daughter in Wussy World? OR WAS SHE? WHAAA??
5) Meanwhile back on the island: Now that Jack thinks he's all "special" I bet HE'S gonna become the new Ben Linus (who will be taking over the Jack Shephard wussy role).
6) And finally, "Widmore on a submarine." Is this supposed to make me say anything other than "snore"?

ANYWAY! What did YOU think?