Remember that movie When A Stranger Calls Back that was on TV a lot in the early '90s? The one where the guy paints himself to blend in with a brick wall? And then he opens his eyes? And then you had nightmares? A generation of therapists pretty much owe their car payments to this flick.

ANYWAYS... That's all I could think of after seeing DC artist Alexa Meade's collection of terrifyingly realistic portraits. Meade paints representational portraits onto her subjects to create the illusion of a two-dimensional image on top of very real—and sometimes very alive—subjects. The below image is part of her latest installation. The model is real, as are all of the objects in the scene.

Party Foul!
  • My Modern Met
  • Party Foul!

And here's a guy shitting his pants as he sees a painted man making his way through a public transit station:

No sir, you are not having an acid flashback
  • My Modern Met
  • No sir, you are not having an acid flashback

Have fun crying yourself to sleep, Blogtowners!