Health Care Bill Would Reduce Deficit: Reforming health care saves us Medicare spending in the long run, says report.

Madoff Beaten in Prison: Ex-prisoners say a convict broke Bernie's nose and fractured his ribs.

UK Tortures Detainees .... refuses to publish criticisms from its own intelligence and security committee.

Teen Sexting! No longer prosecuted as child pornography, court says.

Obameducation: The president's schools overhaul is taking flak.

10 Billion Tweets: Does this milestone deserve an infographic? Yes.

Obese Army Recruits: On the rise. And awkwardly described as "young studs" in this article.

St Patrick's Day Hangover Cures: Yes, please.

Trimet Chief Retires! After 11 years, it's goodbye Fred Hansen.

Tyler Brady's Body Found in River: The disappearance of the 22-year-old Portlander ends tragically.

Fired Bus Driver Now Cyber-Harasser: Angry ex-TriMet employee moves to Thailand, signs his former boss up for automated wake-up services and dozens of pizza deliveries.