Surely you know of Portland artist Andrew Zubko's hilarious painting entitled "Batman vs. Shark" that's taken the internet by storm, yes? Here it is again.


Anyway, GET THIS: We've commissioned Andrew to create a cover for the Portland Mercury... AND YOU GET TO DECIDE WHAT IT WILL LOOK LIKE!

Andrew will combine three objects into one painting—like he did with Batman, shark, and light sabre—to create a hilarious Mercury cover, and YOU will dream up and decide what those three things will be! So in the comments below, submit your short list of ideas for the following three topics:

Subject of the Painting: President Obama, panda bear, Patrick Swayze, howling wolf, Keyboard Cat … anybody or anything as long as it's NOT A COPYRIGHT PROTECTED CHARACTER. (No Batmans, Garfields, or Captain Kirks, but William Shatner is okay.)

What the Subject is Holding: An uzi, a taco, a bloody shovel, a rocket launcher, a He-Man sword, a kitten... you name it!

What the Subject is Riding/Fighting/Hugging:
A dinosaur, a lunar rover, an H-bomb, a kitten, a William Shatner... again, you name it!

We'll gather up the best of your answers, put them in a poll, and let you vote on it starting tomorrow! The top vote-getter in each category will be sent to Andrew who will fashion your choices INTO THE GREATEST MERCURY COVER EVER SEEN BY HUMAN EYES! (Might take a couple weeks though.)

So what are you waiting for? LEAVE YOUR IDEAS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!