• Michael Komarck

(Umm... nerd alert.)

March madness of the geekiest variety is underway over at Suvudu, which is pitting various sci-fi and fantasy characters against one another in literary cage matches. Round two faces off the George R.R. Martin character Jamie Lannister (who apparently defeated Hermione Granger in round one) against H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu. Which is of interest to fans of Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series because over on his Livejournal, Martin has written a scene in which Jamie and his brother Tyrion talk strategy for the upcoming battle. (Warning: There's a medium-sized Jamie-related spoiler from A Storm of Swords.)

"You had best start reading, if you ever want to fuck our sweet sister again."

For those who prefer a more highbrow fight to the death, the Morning News' annual Tournament of Books is humming viciously along, today pitting Victor LaValle's Big Machine against Margaret Atwood's The Year of the Flood.

*I am not entirely sure what March madness is. Brackets? Seeds?