There's only one person on the planet who can take a clunky line of dialogue like "Does this look like a team-orientated group of individuals to you?" and make it sound badass. That person is Danny Trejo.

Couple of thoughts:

Predators was supposedly conceived by Robert Rodriguez to follow in the same vein as Aliens—hence the title—and, yep, this looks a whole lot like Aliens.

• Also! Have any Blogtown readers seen other films by director Nimród Antal? The only thing of his I've seen is Armored, which is fucking terrible.

• Also! This is weird, but am I the only one who's kinda disappointed Topher Grace doesn't get any love in the trailer? Dude is second-billed in the credits, right after Adrien Brody, but you wouldn't know it from the preview. C'mon, Fox! I want to see Eric Forman fighting Predators. Preferably with Fez. And Hyde. And definitely Jackie.

• NOTE FOR MSSRS. RODRIGUEZ AND ANTAL: It'd be great if these humans found another human on the planet who was also trying to fight predators and it was Chris Hansen.

• Also, Fox? For whatever reason, I still haven't heard from you about the original artwork I created for Pr3dator Predators. Obviously, you will want to use this image for the film's theatrical poster. Email me, we can work something out.