Bands, never compete with a free breakfast. You will lose.
  • Bands, never compete with a "free breakfast." You will lose.

Day Two - SXSW 2010

Total Number of Bands Seen:
Nine. Black Prairie, Delorean, Harper Simon, The Lonely Forest, Dum Dum Girls, Brazos, a bunch of emcees who were not Jean Grae (but did hijack her time slot), Estelle, Joan of Arc.
Total Number of Tacos Consumed:
Notable Shows That I Was Unable to See:
JJ (again), Attack Attack (crabcore!), Broken Social Scene, and Jean Grae. Not sure why I was overcome with hiphop nostalgia from 2003, but Grae was nowhere to be found during her show. Instead there were five emcees fighting over mic time and a hypeman who kept yawning between songs.
Overall Drunkeness (on an Aaron Meshian scale of 0-100)
42. Everyone in the End Hits team consumed a (free) Mike Hard's Lemonade on a dare. After initially complaining about how his "Pomegranate Punch" tasted, Ned Lannamann admitted to drinking another.

I spent a large portion of the day at our hotel writing, so I feel like I missed out on some pretty great daytime events. WIthout question, the highlight of the night (and festival thus far) came with randomly seeing Estelle in venue far too small for the likes of her. Primarily known for her Kanye-blessed "American Boy" hit, the British R&B singer commanded the crowd and was backed by a stellar six piece backing band, including a pair of tuxedoed back-up singer/dancers. There was a real Janelle Monae sense of showmanship—her backing band was tightly wound and feeding off her energy—as Estelle mixed new material from her forthcoming All of Me along with a jaw-dropping cover of the Temptations' "Get Ready."

The oddest part of the day was watching a man engage in a promosexual meltdown by stuffing a handful of promotional T-shirts into his backpack at the IFC show. He didn't even watch the show. He waited in line, grabbed some shirts that no one could possibly want, then left.

End Hits: Tinnitus and tacos.