So, our friends over at Jezebel have decided to ask the great unaskable question: “If you were to pit pie against cake in a March Madness style tournament bracket type thingy, with winners determined by on-line vote, who would win?”

  • Madness!

Yesterday’s first round of voting saw Birthday (seeded #1) conquering Fruitcake (16) and first seed Apple smashing the fourteen seed Grasshopper pie. No-brainers really. But looking at the bracket, I think we may see some upsets. Especially considering cherry pie is a seventh seed contender. I can honestly see cherry going all the way.

Who will take it? I think pie is definitely going to come out on top. This is based on my own experience making both a cake (lemon poppy-seed bundt) and a pie (strawberry rhubarb) last weekend. Pie uber alles.

But that’s just me. Who are you rooting for?