I love this picture.
  • Pictured above: magnificence.

Repo Men: Jude Law wants your pancreas!

The Bounty Hunter: Remember when Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler seemed like they might have promising movie careers?

The Red Baron: It's the German Waterworld!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: A nine-year-old reviewed this for us. Expect him to quickly take over the Mercury's Film section—while I insist on being paid in Star Wars action figures, Micah will work for significantly cheaper Pokémon cards.

A Prophet: A chicks-in-prison flick! Except without the chicks.

Hubble IMAX: Leonardo DiCaprio goes to space, presumably because it's the one place where there aren't any people to give him shit about Shutter Island's goofy-ass ending.

POW Fest: The Portland Oregon Women's Film Fest (POW Fest) returns with a packed slate of films directed by women! Sadly, none of these films are chicks-in-prison flicks.

Meanwhile, one of my favorite movies, 2001: A Space Odyssey, is at the Whitsell; Back to the Future is at the Laurelhurst; and The Cry of the Owl opens at Fox Tower. And there's more, as ever, in our Film Shorts and Movie Times.