Time to bring in the big money!


Jim Redden at the Portland Tribune has this update on the Sam Adams recall: with 30 days left before their April 20 filing deadline, the anti-Adams recall campaign has begun using paid signature gatherers to snag the 22,000 signatures they still need to launch a recall vote.

The recall campaign is paying signature-collection firm Ready Intelligence Service $20,000 to try reach their goal of 32, 183 signatures total... but that will require gathering 739 signatures of Portlanders every day for the next 30 days. This sounds eerily similar to the death knells of the first recall, a volunteer-run effort that wound up needing to collect 786 signatures a day at the end of last summer.

Can the paid signature gatherers step it up or is the Recall Recall doomed? It's interesting the campaign did not choose paid-signature gathering group Voice of the Electorate to rustle up the thousands of signatures, despite that conservative company's previously friendly relationship with the campaign. In the Tribune, a Recall Recall leader says the Ready Intelligence Service offered cheaper signature gathering. Two strange things about the Ready Intelligence Service: the business does not seem to have a website and the Oregon election records show they've never been paid by a political campaign before.

Though the recall's "Portland Future PAC" has only received about $23,000 in donations in 2009 and 2010, the organizers tell the Tribune that the paid signature gathering will be financed partly with new big donations from Columbia sportswear head honcho Tim Boyle.