Lots of new Science Fiction/Fantasy books out recently. Direct your attention to:

Gene Wolfe: Aging fantasy legend, author of The Book of the New Sun series, known for his inventive fantasy and deft, evocative prose. His new book is unfortunately called The Sorcerer's House. It sounds rad.

Charles Stross: Finishes off his six book Merchant Prince series with The Trade of Queens. He usually writes hard sci-fi, some of his best books deal with the Singularity theory and he seems to have a good grasp of technology, but the Merchant Princes series is an alternate history, dimensional jumping sextet. And now it's done so you can read it without worrying that the author is going to take years delaying the next book, which is a growing trend in the fantasy writer's clique.

Kage Baker: I'm not very familiar with her work but she died of cancer this year and a posthumous novel, Not Less than Gods, was just released. It belongs to a group of novels about a time travel entity called The Company.

A. Lee Martinez: A fun urban fantasy writer, light-hearted by way of Douglas Adams or Robert Aspirin (but without the terrible puns). His newest novel, Divine Misfortune, involves a young couple who adopts their own deity, which leads to all sorts of commotion. It features an awesomely designed cover as well.