My conversation with a police spokesman just now turned up absolutely no new information about yesterday's shooting except that the police are pounding out a press release which will be sent out at 11:30 AM at that time. Chief Rosie Sizer will be "reading a statement" about the shooting downtown at the justice center. They could not confirm what the medical examiner's office told the Oregonian about the victim's race or age (white and 40-something) or why IDing the man has proven difficult.

Here's how our conversation went:

Me: There was a protest against the police last night that marched up Burnside. Was anyone arrested?
Sgt Greg Stewart: I'm not aware of any arrests.
Me: A couple witnesses said at least two people were pepper-sprayed. What was the incident surrounding that? Why were people pepper-sprayed?
Stewart: I don't have those details. We're really focusing on the press release about the shooting right now.

So now you know.