Here's something you did not know. JUSTIN BIEBER IS ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR MUSIC ARTISTS IN THE WORLD TODAY. And yet? You've never heard of him. Why? Because you are not a teenager. However, since he is about three seconds from being everywhere and on everything, you're going to feel like an idiot and "totally out of it" because you haven't heard of him. That's why I'm happy to provide you with the following "Better Know Your Justin Bieber Fact Sheet™!"

Justin Bieber (pronounced "bee-ber") is a Canadian R&B/Pop singer whose YouTube covers of Justin Timberlake, Usher and Ne-Yo grabbed the attention of Usher, who signed him to his label. Here's Justin's first big hit, 2009's "One Time."

By the way, that YouTube channel of his? It has almost 150,000,000 million views. And he has 1.4 million Twitter followers. He's not fucking around. And just how crazy are teens for this guy? According to his Wiki page, this crazy.

While promoting the album, Bieber was scheduled to appear at Long Island's Roosevelt Field Mall, but the performance had to be canceled. Over 3,000 screaming fans showed up for the appearance. The event got out of control and over 35 units from the Nassau County and Garden City police departments had to be called in. According to TMZ, a fan screamed that Bieber was in an Abercrombie Kids store, and that is when the mayhem already taking place got further out of hand. Police feared that the crowd which was cramming the mall's upstairs corridor would force a metal-and-glass railing to snap sending hundreds of girls tumbling to the lower level. Several fans received minor injuries.

Justin has already performed for the Obamas, will be on an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live, and today dropped his first full studio album, "My World 2.0" which will undoubtedly be the best selling album in the world come tomorrow morning.
And if you're still confused why this Justin Bieber person is such a big deal, LET THIS 3-YEAR-OLD GIRL EXPLAIN IT TO YOU.