Wait a second… now, am I CRAZY or was last night's episode of LOST actually... you know... "good"?? Entitled "Ab Aeterno," the episode centered around the forever young Richard (also known among some Blogtownies as "Captain Guyliner), and while I had serious doubts about this particular show, I'm counting it as the best so far of the season! DO YOU AGREE?? DO YOU DISAGREE?? Well, let's get it on in the comments—and as always, check out my spoilerish discussion questions after the jump. Okay? OKAY!


1) So Ilana is banged up in the hospital, and instead of bringing her flowers or a magazine, Jacob says, "Yeah… I'm going to need you to get back to work protecting the candidates." Is he a dick, or what??
2) Did this episode seem a bit more artistically directed to you? I loved the vibe of this one.
3) This one seemed to lend the most credence to the "Jacob = God, Man in Black = Satan, Island = Hell" theory. Is this holding up for you, or does it all seem just a bit too easy?
4) Now wait... how exactly did the Black Rock ship fly through the air, break the four-toed statue and land in the middle of the jungle? HUH??
5) Also anybody notice that the guy who enslaved Ricardo said that he was "now the property of Magnus Hanso"? The granddaddy of the Dharma Initiative?
6) Any theories on who's gonna inherit the shitty job of running the island? I sure as hell don't want it.