• Pu the Owl

Another week, another Mercury music section to read while you raise bail for Justin Bieber's manager. If you think Portland's anti-police protests are bad, just be thankful they aren't as intense as a Long Island tween mall riot. Those kids are evil.

Scout Niblett welds together an expansive sound for her new The Calcination of Scout Niblett album. She also recorded 100 different versions of the title track. We plan on playing all 100 variations of the song at the same time, just like Zaireeka.

Scout Niblett - "The Calcination of Scout Niblett"

For full-length number eight, Quasi gets it on and bangs an American Gong. It's a welcome return to the band's early sound, complete with lyrics no longer about hatin' on the Bush Doctrine.

Quasi - "Repulsion"

For those who never travel far without a little Big Star, here is our obit to the late, great Alex Chilton.

Big Star - "September Gurls"

Don't forget our surprisingly taco-free summary of SXSW. There better be at least one reference to the Chuggin' Monkey in there.

End Hits: Our new band, Long Island Tween Mall Riot, is looking for a drummer.